Time & Temperature Indicators
Paksense Dataloggers
Paksense Dataloggers
With practical and small-sized labels from PakSense, temperature history of the products during distribution and storage can be displayed. Identifying problems which arise during deliveries, faster and more reliable decisions can be made.
  • Simple to use and disposable data loggers which don’t require infrastructural investment, provide temperature monitoring
  • Temperature history information of the products in the desired time intervals (6-15-30-45-60-90 days) can be tracked, stored and reported
  • Ready to use labels prevent user mistakes and can be actuated easily
  • With the practical status lights, Accept / Reject decisions by the deliveries can easily be met.
  • Thanks to the structural features, stored data is reliable, cannot be manipulated and deleted
  • Paksense Dataloggers are food safe
  • Layout and time settings can be customized

In all logistic processes where temperature-time data required

  • At R & D studies (shelf-life measurements)
  • 3rd party loadings (as a spy)
  • Insurance research (as evidence)
  • On sensitive products (lobster, cheese, etc..) in liquid medium, where temperature monitoring is required
  • During performance monitoring of display and sales compartments for cold food
  • In the quality control of medical supplies such as drugs, vaccines, blood