Oxygen Absorbent Labels and Sachets
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a Thermal Cover?
    A product that protects heat sensitive products from external media.
  • How does Thermal Cover works?
    Protects sensitive cargo products by isolating them from unwanted external temperatures. It acts as a barrier that prevents air from moving in or out.
  • Areas of use Thermal Covers are suitable for.
    Transportation and storage of temperature sensitive products such as food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.
  • What is the variety range for Thermal Covers?
    Manufactured according to the cargo transportation standards and needs; pallet – roll containers – PMC - 20”/40”/IBC container barrel. Protects the temperature by covering different loads of temperature sensitive products. They can be manufactured as single-use and multi-use.
  • What are advantages of Thermal Covers in the cold chain?
    Pallets, roll containers and other types of packed cargo units are usually protected in the cold chain by active cooling systems. However, due to the high probability of failure during critical control points (HACCP), Thermal Covers offer maximum protection and prove serious advantages.
  • What are advantages of Thermal Covers in Logistics?
    Purpose of Cold Chain Logistics is to ensure an operation that prevents temperature fluctuations which will damage the quality of goods. This requires serious tackling when it comes to cold air. When there are products with different temperature requirements in the supply chain, this becomes even harder.

    Thermal Covers offer (unit based) protection for pallets and roll containers. This way, it presents an ideal solution where it is possible to load goods with different climate requirements into the same vehicle during transportation. While Thermal Covers make combined loads possible in the logistics process, it creates a closed-loop cold chain cycle with no possibilty of break downs.
  • What are advantages of Thermal Covers during client delivery?
    During delivery, temperature sensitive products are protected from external temperatures while loading/unloading. If you leave the Thermal Cover with your client, you can help them protect their sensitive products during storage as well. For example, night-time deliveries can be kept outside until morning shift.

    Temp-Ex®’ing is the only solution for complete cold chain protection from A to Z.
  • Single-use or multi-use; which one to choose?
    There are important factors to consider when integrating Thermal Covers into your cold-chain logistics processes.

    Thermal Covers’ isolation strength relevant to protection period.
    Possibility of taking the cover back.
    How your operations take place.

    These three criteria will help you decide if you need a one way solution of single-use covers, or multi-use covers that you can keep for years.
  • Are there tailor-made solutions?
    Besides standard solutions provided, Sedef Yeni Nesil Çözümler A.Ş manufactures single-use or multi-use Temp-Ex® designs special to your processes. Our design and R&D team provides a wide range of options, based on isolation properties, areas of use and application.

    There are also hybrid models that combine Temp-Ex® technology with active protection methods, developed according to the special requirements of proposed goods. Please ask details for humidity and ethylene sensitive cargos and cargos that require temperature monitoring.